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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 7, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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age of history gets worse every day. of course breaking news talk points. so much either or situation. stocks while. good news. moscow
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will stand by crimea the upper house as the respective regions decision in an upcoming referendum to join the show it says the us its use of sanctions in response to the crisis. well as the crimean standoff continues this ot paralympic start today in the black sea resort city in the number of foreign dignitaries to be a no show with opener. and you and once there's no quick fix to central africa from publix and stability. it's that some twelve thousand more troops are needed to shore up the situation. as the headline scalpel spent at things for joining us. first to the crisis in ukraine and russia as upper house of parliament says it will support the result of crime year's upcoming referendum and nine days' time the region's residents will decide whether or not to join russia. well it comes
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following thursday's escalation of events when the kenyan parliament voted to do just that. joshua got eyes following events for us in that mosque on the cat crossed and now for the latest developments the job to ripen russia russian upper house. it's that says it'll stand by the outcome of the referendum was the likelihood of that it'll be disappointed. i think it's pretty unlikely at the upper house of parliament in the kremlin and the russian typically doesn't get the results from its look and four which is increasingly appearing like the kind of de facto ruler official annexation of crimea of cancer developing very quickly we have a referendum in crimea in its posts to be held in may. then at the end of march. now moved up to march sixteen. something seemed to really be on fast forward to the crimean the parliamentary delegation from crimea to parliament is in moscow now meeting with representatives from the russian parliament
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talking with them grow into them up in a bid to speak here the upper house of parliament who seems to be welcoming them and by extension crimea with open arms so with the region under the kind of unofficial russian military occupation and a referendum held in a very crunch time for him to just over a week from now i think it's unlikely that the russians will be able to engineer the result are looking for. josh i e the science fantasy us president barack obama and his russian counterpart by my feet and they held their second conversation in a week what exactly can i do that well it's still the two leaders very far the fundamental reading of the situation and it's that really deep split over the very nature of whom and why institutions in ukraine are legitimate but i think it's the leaders coming to any sort of agreement really being able to talk seriously about negotiations the prudent step is to think that the new outpost in echo beach leadership in kiev is
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entirely legitimate keeps referring to an unconstitutional. who for his part obama seems to be taking the position that any referendum held under this kind of unofficial russian military occupation and creamy itself would be illegitimate so it's really hard to get this two sides talking of course. then with united states raising the specter of these events economic sanctions. that also has raised the russian choir so at this point it seems like the two sides are talking past each other the russian political and economic elite certainly would be afraid of any further deepening economic isolation that may be the one issue. where would she like he would have to give. though at this point again with the two sides so far apart on the fundamental drivers of the conflict but it's really hard to get at square one josh we mentioned it is that these advance that the us and
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denounce. yesterday me and headed back to the phone conversation between the two leaders but serve reactions iris email from the kremlin and from people back in moscow to this. will the war of words between the state department in the russian foreign ministry has really escalated the state department came out with. can a fact sheet with what it said were counter claims debunking some of the faucets propagated by prudent. and the kremlin before and russian foreign ministry for its part. i came out with its own very strongly worded if not almost them sarcastic or chaotic statement so definitely the rhetoric is reaching a kind of fever pitch so far the exact makeup of who was on that list the united states has drawn up of iraqi officials to be denied. pieces of the visas revoked has remained secret and if and when that list which become . i think we'll likely see a further escalation in tensions and joshua each van much for that
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to update actually up for a free man from moscow will it stand out from the former ukrainian prime minister yulia tymoshenko this as she warns against it what exactly a crime yet referendum could result in. i speak of ukrainians political clout. i ask you to act now because once again we find ourselves in a difficult situation the extent to which it it will succeed in seizing ukraine. depends on the reaction of the democrats would love to teach me speak the only see the underbrush is that the next criteria we allow it to organize the event and on the sixteenth of march. we will induce godly at the hands of stability and a lovely evening. julie attention to speak and have won just two days ago many in the ukrainian capital were celebrating the downfall of president viktor yanukovich we hoped it might usher in a new era for the country's
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politics. they didn't bet on russia's intervention in crimea. so let's see now what the mood is like a panicky over the protests all began the ukrainian flag held high and independence plan. news of the crimean ominous decision is on everyone's lips. the session. it's not possible. some slack the lady vols won the leading uk and a visit but if you've been so awesome to happen. not to do when you listen categorical the speed of events has taken people by surprise. nicholas bishop walk unless i was in such a hari in poor communities that all thoughts that i wanted to give it to reside in proficiency to the russians want to make crimea. then he wanted the same thing but no full of stuff in ukraine in the west ukrainian. the same resistance is the only way the nipple dorothy would it be we will never give her a narrow way. i'm proud of the army there in the ukraine government in this critical analysts say the crimean
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parliament's move is illegal there is a clear risk of substance. which russia is manipulating. it's not so legal thing to my mates the ukrainian constitution hammock on incomes station in me. for weston ukrainians once again had little choice but to turn to the eu and us to apply pressure on russia well as a stand up and coming and rags on its overshadowing what should be a salvatore events. the sochi paralympics it kick off today in the game's opening will be short of foreign dignitaries this in the wake of russia's incursion of german delegation. they will be in attendance. the us uk and friends all opting to stay away. but as france's foreign minister says the boycott should only be on the diplomatic level. she'll do to get uneasy when punishing the athletes would be out of the question. it was very hard to be there with four moms. wait what's normal for french athletes to
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be a balcony that we play would be inappropriate for french ministers to attend so they went on to lead to clinical time. good news now and there's no quick fix to the crisis in the central african republic. according to the united nations on thursday. top un officials met to discuss whether and how to send a peacekeeping force to the country the african union and french troops already on the ground un chief arguments that some twelve thousand security personnel are needed to stabilize the country organizations warned the violence has resulted in the total breakdown of state institutions as the us dollar index. the situation in central african republic remains extremely grainy urgent action by four including by this council is required to prevent the best option. the bottom this has led to the total breakdown of the state's locally and
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smashed in. state institutions which while we have an alto to the collapse in banking and across the country. the state as i'm able to deliver basic services. the salaries of civil servants have not been paid for months. there is no national army and police on the sean connery are equipped to address the challenges the country is facing congolese warlord connecticut on the wall find out his fate this friday the international criminal court is set to deliver its verdict against the former militia leader the thirty five year old faces ten counts of war crimes and crimes against manny is for an attack on a village in two thousand and three which two hundred people died. if convicted he could serve a life sentence comment on reports. it depresses the new owners award a little on the trauma they've read to him that i caught one using religion as a showman hyundai is accused of directing his militia group
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that paid keelty resistance force he told me they went on a rampage on a village in northeast democratic republic of congo. in february two thousand and three killing and these two hundred people it's a nasty use child soldiers in the attack. while still a force to be slaves cut some guy is tossed with ten counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity including sexual slavery effect for the international criminal cool. in his first appearance at the hague in november two thousand and nine. the minister read a book and make things seemed a teen idol or charges. but that does not win. and as lawyers say he was no way means that the initial quarter with the attack took place. december twenty twelve his co accused men to do total was acquitted of play for the same rampage. judges have the time criticized prosecutors for failing to check witness statements and to visit the site of
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the attack. the chief prosecutor of the consumer to the scene strengthen because the investigation team. this will be the international criminal court heard that it's his twelve history the text for the court's ability to prosecute war crimes. two latest now on the roster historians thailand a doctor who was one of the first people on the scene after the text are shot in golf and beat this team camp is continuing his testimony this friday. he realized it said the injured athletes home minutes after hearing screams and shocked to find a distraught south african sprinter kneeling over the body of a woman. he told the stories they thought she was a burglar and he shot and will historians. i did the shoot and kill a us team can find on wednesday of last year and if found guilty of intentional murder. it is likely to spend at least twenty five years behind bars well let's turn our attention on to the ongoing controversy surrounding the digital currency ambit claim and not
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from august to be the good is it because if that katie marie here for my business desk not kate's so far. its been able to function tax free. the japanese government they are on a channel that cost more. yet they wanted crackdown little bit because for the moment that basically is actually considered a currency to any of those online transactions that take place due to a head tax free japanese officials have been coming under pressure to change that. in the wake of the collapse of the town docks which is the tokyo based exchange the file for bankruptcy last week. a lot of countries have in fact been trying to work out how to deal with that we've been calling at this digital transactions could potentially be used for tax evasion money laundering russia china and singapore have already taken action to ban or regulate it. japan's actions at mit japan's government saying it may follow suit and start taxing those transactions can either be a question sets running this whole thing is who exactly is behind a query any question on what we thought we were we thought we had the answer but i think it cares not for now anyway. at
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six could she not come most though is the name that always been circulated in that world of digital currency at why people eat to found a decline in back in two thousand and nine. now the publication newsweek said that they have finally tracked him down. this is the coverage it received a saturday i found this reclusive japanese american engineer living just outside of los angeles. i did publish a photo and what they said was an interview with him members of his mouth members of his family and friends of describing his work we did calling and his alleged four hundred million dollar fortune stemming from it. so dozens of reporters descended on his house just outside of los angeles on thursday and he and you'll see here just surprised everyone by saying that he had nothing to do at that point he doesn't even know it is he fled the scene actually reporters describe what font as a car chase through the streets of los angeles. i heaved a sacred to sit down with one reporter repeated these denials he said he had no idea what it claims is and that is the story is
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completely wrong. i'd say that shroud of mystery over the queen's founder does remain on the day it's all speculation and komodo is actually just a pseudonym for a group of co tears that created the whole system. i think they are to be a lot more questions about the founder really at issue today at the amount of money that they claim deals with some estimates that the global market for it at around seven billion dollars as i think it will continue to be a lot of questions about who's really behind it as in pickling prices in both prominence and controversy. he's ok so the question remains then we still don't know who exactly is behind so i took italy thank you very much for that and thank you for joining us usher in an ad this edition of the state and boston couple more headlines than interesting. welcome to the business into the lime
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all just falls into your car industry is wrapping up things he is reading. our executives are hoping for growth again on the sales and the european union has a two decade low. a spanish friend cx is hoping to ride the wave hi and it managed to buck the trend in to the team grow its sales by iran and the sense that it's time to make a profit for its older books on joining us now for more. if the president to say on your bench tuchman is with us from the geneva motor show one of the premier annual events in the global two industries diary and it is on the way in switzerland to thank you very much indeed and this is not known for speaking to as you've been on a daily new parts in geneva which is to be contributing to a sense of optimism in geneva to see if it is the optimism well founded all costs sales in europe. coming back as crikey it didn't even order to merits of you that the sense of optimism. but really you're fighting as the brightness and i sit here and an upswing of moods that
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we have a strong yen last year despite the european market has to be being flaps s troops are the elites see growth of ten percent of the brads. so we've expanded our sad europe last year based on the outstanding success of the knicks that the new generation of leon the first day weeks of the cia signal though that europe might see some envious racing up the mountain the youth sunday school routine and yet very happy to see our whole block of spain the covering that it may seem growth last year that from six ninety eight ned to take it off this excitement as a mentor in two thousand and eighty attendees said team in the first weeks of this year showed that the industry in spain might be in much stronger in the year twenty fourteen with the same in portugal so to the area seems to reek of our time so some sicko of strengthening what the rest of your business and we need sydney to me as seen at the uk was to be a strong market song about the cia as
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well as seventy. it's a bit of that and this takes of the general market costs as in europe but that they're coming back from a very low base. will the car industry seem real growth in the next couple of years so will it continue to dump on loan defaults and essentially i think it's very hard to predict every artist them that they wish to take the stronger positive status as the odd that i think we've we've seen much we just opposite the ad the recent than the past five years somerset be happy that the year twenty fourteen starts well. in most markets that is a sign full monty montgomery up and they even tried yet. we take a step by step. i think the important pieces that have mentally me as say goodbye to the crisis he is immensely open ourselves up for some more positive news in the years to come. the cx is part of the mass market segment in which has taken a real hit during the downturn in europe. how are you looking to grow when the next few years. what more you betting on so to speak to the oak grove vengeance. the loss of
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the new neon has helped the students receive find a funny the father brad which that works really well the card european environment day we combine the best of what gemini can then bring to the pot the grid technology like all the teeth. great that a great decision and i did end up production. three combining that with the best of state great design and testing the joy of driving in your face in six of the outbreak tended to two and until i had to go cart rides on the duty on and it's an outstanding success shows that the funding that connects with what you read teen mag us about the mods from a car manufacture of a real nice bad it's funny that beyond leon into new segments of the stitched up so that that's that's pissed me off on the doubtful success in europe we see a lot outside the home of no importance what did with adidas intensity just icing on the left end of that strength which is an important part of
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our girls and just wanted to jump. we do have ample opportunities to grow the brand in europe. we don't need to go beyond. ironically two percent to the sales the day that they are in europe are you looking to diversify your position away from the continent. we actually focusing on both sides that we do have read them but you need to grow within europe that sell focus a care in on the one that obviously we have some very strong at first was held outside europe we have a strong position also africa now we have one of a major base of the players get jerry and not get their young grandmother five percent said that the casino industry off that north africa. looking now at six found that stand the whole every generally have strong base is set for us in the history of the psyche i very strongly the stuff growing markets with the potential for this huge of an embassy we are playing overseas and then mexico where we have i done brad said when he started ten years ago party now a strong
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day it was two percent staff very key position. what in the last minute snag on the awesomeness of this law made up words outside europe them as well but we caught squid or entity so we have to focus its number one on the european markets be kind road don't know that a week and that we exploit set off for cba in europe and that would be to strengthen the law would be stopping at the price outside europe seattle schools is part of the volkswagen group and deception has been a nice that that cs has been underperforming of the brands in the vaults logging coupe in the past ten years with the cf eighteen eighty in to one degree then. this year with espn to sell you can see i should get the voyeur grounds of the most vital votes by disco dancing and i seek to provide a very individual and unique footprints as all the customer. one rather small focusing on functionality and practicality we are not small
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the focusing on the combination of that day to day use ability but i see that with that much more dynamic in a much more to say exhilarating profile fall custom as compounds that we actually growing together as a bundle of rods that's the unique ed that the unique strengths of both saddam group is without a ticket each other so much grace he really going into the competitive said funds add dates he elected to the customer profiles. we actually attracting different customers top brass and we're happy that it's indeed we now see a picture and that the funny enough cf is not smoke spirit of the customer and said the new funding ltd on the specific leave. guides our way into the future. see i've missed its target date to be profitable in twenty thirteen it will be profitable in twenty fourteen we out we are growing all crabby and run our revenue base that was to be some time before we become a sustainable profit above ground as ot game as a management team to reach that
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point said as quickly as possible. contradicts in the current european apartment when we can reach that how fast that we are watching the city and all and secretarial ads that make sure that we are staying at this end cos the fish nemo theme in the call cost structure. very effective and that's enough that the deep lying around and see with the with the top production lines to be able to produce only need to produce enough it has only given the doghouse as sufficient said team boss of saying extremely flexible. but the main thrust of our work is an expanding the brand itself to make the brown strong which is showing real strong signal south of strength in the year thirteen and fourteen last putting our energy and talent distribution networks that that's really see this huge job. selby to be at trying to approach this point. as soon as possible to become sustainable lump sum profitable and i see a strong brands and according to europe and outside will be a present. the focus of the david o'neill who must
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beat spain because is seen to be all for the spanish economy some relief this interest in hiring bach and sustained by what's been downsizing in other parts of europe that are you hiring of the moment. that the cia said the suspect say we have lost him in our attempt to reduce the fixed costs so the button next to your content in de pieces to dependency that busy on on your cost me half sadly we have refused all six labour costs. some people i see the direct elements and the cause of our business we've just kind of sort of fifteen century and may the force of the production eyes as we have more team odds that we as he predicted last year so this shows me that we're trying to be really flexible. that's on to adopt all current team on the lyric happy to see that we can actually kind of people saying to the company targets to attend three in a bad about updating it shows that we are growing that we can grow in swing but that was that without throwing a teen moms and dads and even
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on other c the b ed the interest free hats on these outings just amazing dance is so much that safety mom for work it's laid out now and then in spain and i'm optimistic that be to continue our drive to your upbeat than when it comes to the states of the spanish at car industry who want so why do you think that we've seen this was the agents within the space car industry in the past year or so. i think it's a fact of south cobwebs off many people over the last thing he is here the relationship between labor force. and companies in spain has seen map has seen them at small flexibility local flexibility in the last two years. that thing that the entire focus on labor costs is just one element that costs of unstable and i would say within in the ut hippie minutes instead of having to john and cost structures. you see your team lost out to spain found itself now mid point between these these these boundaries but the flexibility of play that has increased the day
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relation with that the workforce has shifted in all honesty when i went in with our neighboring nations that the two to the fight a common strategy fall for the brand so this has buried its a traditional conventional employee unemployment pp somewhat past tense in the last two years and has made a scene that could be modernization nothing that's that has to be a help to keep the strength of the industry in spain. it is now at very productive days that to bn and the missing day it was due to hard work is not about coming second stab sleep cycles. some people say to mr stockman that that's what no one is about to sacrifice a lot today that their salaries and to some extent illegal blocking hours. but this is not of the ipod as effective as a snapping its not one longer working else but obviously in there and that period of time re use or do you see that's the call ups of ministry. time and unemployment growing to
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twenty five percent the people they'd like in all markets lead to real as the two web log on and didn't bother that's normal. i mean awful and that the devotee is that's that then that's it we have been able to grow our employment in the years we had the industry in spain came down and that the period with out the unemployment rate and staying through the employment rate of sea at their zenith on stable so we've managed to do to keep the wet soils than a crm and our people together and an end on board in the critical period of the company at the extended baby and much more flexible now with working saturday since friday fifth successive second shift was employed to do to be able to too few selected with the moms there you see in the market. right so we have the time the jug and stockman thank you very much indeed for speaking to is that from the geneva motor show that was yet in shock and the president. all of the spanish comic it's the act and when i wouldn't throw up this edition all the business into the next
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one too. i know. moon mm long and all. the road. i do. in
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the all in. you. sells
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